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SUPPORT - ONLINE CUSTOMER SURVEY - eSecurity in various industries

Company Name:
URL (if any):
Title : DR Mr. Mrs. Mdm Ms
Name :
Department :
Position :
Contact No.:
Fax No. :
Email Address :
1) What is your business?
Please fill in if others:
2) Does your company require Internet services or transactions?
No (If no,please skip to Question 6)
3) What is the purpose of your company using the Internet? (Tick all that apply)
Send e-mail
Search information
Part of company business(e.g. provider of online services)
Please fill in if others:
4) What is the average frequency for the staff in your company using online communications ,services or transactions?
1 hr / day
3 hrs / day
5 hrs / day
more than 5 hrs / day
5) Hackers are popular worldwide.
To what extent do you feel worry that your information will be exposed to the people you don't know when using Internet?
Not at all
6) What kind(s) of Security solution will help your job?
Please rank 1 (most important) to 10 (least important)
Protection of file stored on hard disk
Secure E-mail Protection
PIN and Key Management (password security)
Web Content Protection (prevent hackers)
Web Application Security (e.g. online transactions,forms,information access or storage )
Internet Security Consulting Service (e.g. how to minimize hackers' attack,design security policy)
Anti-virus Software
Database Security
Others,please specify
7) Which is the most critical area of your business that you think should include security?
Please rank top 5 (1 indicate the most important while 6 the least important)
Electronic files / documents
Web site
Online forms
Online transactions
Others,please specify
8) Are you using any e-Security products to protect your working environment (e.g. SSL , VPN)?
Don't know
Please fill in if Yes
9) How much is your company willing to allocate for each user in order to protect important files and e-mail transfer?
Below HK$200
HK$200 - 400
Above HK$400
No budget
10) Does your company have plans to upgrade the IT Security system within the next 6 months?
Within the next 6 months
Within the next 12 months
Next 24 months
Beyond 24 months
11) What is the IT Security expenditure in :
Year 2001
Year 2002
Below HK$5,000
Below HK$5,000
HK$5,000 to HK$200,000
HK$5,000 to HK$200,000
HK$200,000 to HK$500,000
HK$200,000 to HK$500,000
Above HK$500,000
Above HK$500,000
No budget
No budget
Don't know
Don't know
12) Which area(s) does your company plan to spend on this year? (Tick all that apply)
Secure Document / File Protection
Secure E-mail Protection
PIN and Key Management (password security)
Web content protection (prevent hackers)
Web Applications Security (e.g. online transactions,forms,information access or storage)
Internet Security Consulting Service
Anti-virus Software
Database Security
13) The size of your company :
Below 10
10 to 50
51 to 100
101 to 500
Above 501
14) Who will recommend e-Security product?
IT manager
General Manager
Finance Manager
Please share any suggestions or comments with us
*Note: Please fill ALL fields.