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Crytographic USB Token

1) What is TrustField™ CKS?
TrustField™ CKS is a key management solution which is FIPS 140-1 Level 3 compliant, using state-of-the-art cryptographic and security technology. Encased in a tamper-resistant hardware, TrustField™ CKS is highly secure and robust. It is the ultimate secure solution for protecting sensitive data such as cryptographic keys and customer PINs.

2) Can the TrustField™ CKS work without installation of the TrustField™ CKSA?

3) What platforms are TrustField™ CKSA available in?
Microsoft Windows.

Support Questions

1) What training options are available for TrustField™ CKS?
PrivyLink offers training to customers of TrustField™ CKS. To enquire more about our training options, please email at helpdesk@privylink.com.sg.

2) How can I report a support issue or an error in documentation?
You may email to helpdesk@privylink.com.sg to report an issue.

3) How can I send feedback or features upgradse for future version of TrustField™ CKS?
You may email to helpdesk@privylink.com.sg to send us your feedback or features upgrades for our products.