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1) What is IASE?
PrivyLink’s IASE is an end-to-end security that enables application data to be securely accessible only at the application server end. The application data are encrypted at the browser end and is only decrypted by the application server rather than the web server. This way, exposure of the web server will not automatically lead to exposure of the application data in that the data do not exist in readable form at the web server. This helps minimize security exposure of application data due to hacking activities.

IASE adopts RSA 1024-bit public key cryptography and Triple-DES 112/168-bit symmetric key cryptography for dynamic key exchange and data encryption.

2) What programming languages are IASE available in?
For IASE Client, we have:- Java applets, ActiveX for PocketPC2002 and COM Object for Windows;
For IASE Server, we have:- Java, C/C++

3) What platforms are IASE Server SDK available in?
IASE Server SDK is available in Linux, Solaris and Windows.

Support Questions

1) How can I report a support issue or an error in documentation?
You may email to helpdesk@privylink.com.sg to report an issue.

2) How can I send feedback or features upgrade for future version of IASE?
You may email to helpdesk@privylink.com.sg to send us your feedback or features upgrades for our products.