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1) What is SLIFT?
SLIFT enables business partners to exchange information efficiently, cost-effectively and securely on-line. It allows existing non-Internet applications to eliminate the need for electronic mailbox technology, which only offers non-guaranteed message delivery, and cannot transfer data over the Internet in real-time.

2) What versions of SLIFT are available?
Please refer to the Products page for more information on the various SLIFT products and it's versions.

3) What platforms are supported in SLIFT?
Please refer to the Products page for more information on the various supported platform for our various SLIFT products.

SLIFT-Ez Classic/J is available in AIX, Solaris and Windows platforms. Further technical details will be provided at a later date.

Upgrading SLIFT

1) I already have SLIFT v1.0. Do I get the free updates?
Yes. But you need to have a current maintenance contract to enjoy the free updates.

2) I just purchased SLIFT v1.0. Do I have to pay full price for SLIFT v2.0?
Yes. To purchase newer versions of SLIFT, please email to sales@privylink.com.sg.

Support Questions

1) How can I report a support issue or an error in documentation?
You may email to helpdesk@privylink.com.sg to report an issue.

2) How can I send feedback or features upgrade for future version of SLIFT?
You may email to helpdesk@privylink.com.sg to send us your feedback or features upgrades for our products.